Important Service Update: Butler's Wharf Pier is now part of our river cruise route! Click here for more details.

50% off on London Car Free Day

If you love walking the streets around Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Southwark and other areas, but would prefer it if there was no traffic around, this is your chance to explore them in peace and quiet and, more importantly, enjoy the cleaner air!

Click here to see a map of the Car Free area.

There are also lots of activities taking place in the streets, including areas set aside for children to play in (just like in the old days!)

As most of the Circular Cruise route runs through the Car Free zone, we’re celebrating by offering a massive 50% off Circular Cruise tickets on the day! Use our hop on hop off service to explore the areas along the Circular Cruise route from Westminster Pier to Tower Bridge Quay.

Half-price cruise tickets

To claim your 50% discount, simply buy your tickets at any of our kiosks on the day and ask for your discount by quoting ‘CAR FREE’.

The aim of the day is to encourage more people to walk, cycle or use public transport in the capital. This means the buses will still be running and cyclists are being positively encouraged to get out and about, so you’ll still have to be careful crossing the roads, but at least it’ll be a lot quieter and much more peaceful. The perfect day to be in London.


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