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Making your commute more interesting

If you live and work in London, you’ll understand only too well the misery of the daily commute to and from work. If you travel by tube, you’re either squashed in like sardines (particularly unpleasant on a hot day) or forced to wait for sometimes two or three trains before there’s one that even affords you a modicum of personal space. It’s almost as bad on the buses, only with the added joy of getting stuck in traffic and, if you’re standing, you’ve got to put up with the constant stop/start lurching that threatens to hurl you against your fellow passengers.

In a car, you’ll get a seat and personal space, and no-one will complain if you have the radio on, but you could be stuck in rush hour traffic for a very long time – not good for the blood pressure if you need to get to work in time for a meeting. Then there’s the problem of remembering to pay for the Congestion Charge that you’ll have to pay on top of the parking charges… which could be as much as £55 a day (yes, really!) depending on where you need to park.

Stay away from the crowds

With a bit of forethought to allow yourself extra time, there are other ways of getting to work. Maybe you can make use of the 500 acres of beautiful Royal Parks that make the capital such a special place. Get off a stop or two early and meander across the grass and enjoy the psychological boost that being in green spaces brings.

You could make your park commute even more interesting by hiring a bike, learning to roller skate, skateboard, or embracing your inner child and using a scooter.

If sitting down as you enjoy fresh air and lovely views are more appealing, go on a river cruise. If you start work later or finish earlier than the majority of commuters, a Circular Cruises boat can take you between Westminster Pier and Tower Bridge Quay in easy-going style – and you’ll even have time for a tea or coffee as you cruise. Or, if you’re travelling between Westminster and Greenwich, try Thames River Services, our sister company, which will afford you even more time to relax and recharge.

If you have a valid Oyster Card, present it at the ticket office to get a discount on Circular Cruises and Thames River Services.


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