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Royal Observatory at Thames River Sightseeing
Royal Observatory
Royal Observatory at Thames River Sightseeing
Royal Observatory Greenwich at Thames River Sightseeing

Following a leisurely cruise from Westminster Pier, include a visit to the Royal Observatory in your plans. Capture memorable selfies as you stand over the renowned Meridian Line, the epicenter of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Explore clocks that have left an indelible mark on history, gaze through historic astronomy telescopes, and embark on a cosmic journey in the comfort of the planetarium.

Reputed as ‘geek heaven,’ the Royal Observatory is a haven for budding scientists and astronomers. However, for younger children who may find it less engaging, nearby alternative attractions like the Cutty Sark or the Tower of London might be more suitable.

Keep in mind that the Observatory is situated on a hilltop, approximately a 15-minute walk from the heart of Greenwich. If mobility is an issue or you’re inclined to take it easy, consider opting for a taxi for a comfortable journey to the observatory.

On a pleasant day, take a delightful stroll in Greenwich Park, where you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of London. Afterward, meander back to the pier and catch the Thames River Sightseeing boat for a scenic return journey to Westminster.

Visitor information

Things to see and do

Audio tour

Don’t worry if you don’t know too much about the science of time and navigation as the entry fee includes a free audio tour that will explain everything.

The Harrison clocks

In the early 18th century, John Harrison helped revolutionise the ability of ships to accurately determine their longitude. He designed clocks that were able to compensate for changes in temperature, enabling more accurate navigational readings to be taken and reducing the risk of ships getting lost at sea. The Observatory has a collection of Harrison’s groundbreaking clocks that solved the problem of longitude.

Meridian Observatory

Houses the old giant telescope which, when it was installed in 1893, was the largest of its kind in the UK, and helped to keep the Observatory at the forefront of astronomy.

Astronomy centre

Where you can find out about the stars and solar systems.

Camera obscura

Where you’ll see a live picture of the Queen’s House in Greenwich Park.

Day Explorer package (Royal Observatory + Cutty Sark)

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